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The vintage look has become very popular in the recent times. If you look around, you will find that this fashion statement has many takers. From the girls on the high street to top celebrities, everyone is keen on sporting this look. The question is - why is vintage clothing so popular and what makes it?


In basic terms, vintage clothing refers to clothes that are not new. Author of Viva Vintage (Carroll & Brown) describes vintage clothing as any range of clothing from the period of 1920 to 1970. He further adds that anything which was available before this period can be categorized as antique whereas the range of clothing available after this period can be categorized as retro. The difficulty associated with getting vintage clothing has actually added more aura and charm to this range of clothes and fashionistas the world over are making news for owning special pieces of vintage clothes. If you ask what makes this range of clothing so special and popular, then there are three factors to it.


What makes vintage clothing popular?


1. Vintage clothes have their unique individuality: You cannot deny the fact that most fashion labels and stores will have their clothes that follow the present seasonal trends. This means that what you buy, a similar thing can always be available for others to buy. This is definitely not the case with vintage clothing. The vintage clothes are unique and this means that if you are wearing a beautiful vintage gown from the 1960s, you are less likely to find anyone else having a similar one to wear. This individuality is one of the factors for the growing popularity of vintage clothing.


2. Beautiful detailing: Vintage clothes are also popular for the fact that they are intricately designed with minute detailing. This makes them unique again and people who are aware of the history of fashion will be able to better understand the attention to detail factor of this range of clothing. Many people who follow the evolution of fashion are usually quite keen on collecting vintage clothes as a hobby too.


3. Quality of garment: The fact that the range of vintage clothing that you find today has actually stood the test of time is quite a thing. Also the garments looks as beautiful today as they had looked years ago proves the point that they are made of superior quality fabric. Most of these clothing pieces are handmade unlike the mass produced clothes of the present times. Use of high quality silk and wool which was all hand made without blending any synthetic materials is the USP of vintage clothing that attracts many buyers.


Where to buy vintage clothes and what to check when buying?

Buying vintage clothes is a time consuming process as you will need to be cautious that you are buying truly original clothes. There are online stores that specialize in vintage clothing but before you buy, it is important that you check a few things. Size is an important aspect to check. You should bear in mind that authentic vintage clothing comes in sizes that are different from that of the present day clothing. Check for exact body measurements so that you can buy something that fits you well. It could also be possible that the vintage clothes you want to buy were custom-made for the original owners. While a little bit of alteration is okay, don’t go for something that you will need to re-size completely.

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