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On your special day get a wedding band from Hatton Garden

Getting Married? Is it soon to be your special day?

Weddings are special occasions. Two people make promises of living out their lives together for as long as they live. Most people are fortunate enough to come by this once in their lifetime. So, it is understandable that people want to make it as memorable as possible. In order to do this, weddings are planned months in advance. There are a number of things that go into the planning phase of the weddings. The couple needs to decide on various elements of how the wedding is going to be organized. Jewellery and wedding bands are given due importance too. The best place to find highest quality weddings bands is Hatton Gardens.    

How to Plan the Perfect Wedding

Wedding planning is not as easy as one might think it to be. The couple really has to really get their heads together along with the help of their family and friends to come up with the perfect wedding plan. The following are some tips on how you can plan your perfect wedding and what tasks should be finalized well in advance.

•    Guest List Preparation

The guest list is one of the most important aspects of wedding planning. After all, no memorable event is possible without guests. You would want to have all of your friends and family members attending this event. So, it is important that you start preparing the guest list as soon as possible. Start out by penning down the names of the nearest family members and close friends. This would help you in getting started on the guest list. Add names to it as and when you remember the people that you want to come to your wedding. 

•    Picking Out the Wedding Date

The next thing on the Wedding Checklist that couples should consider important is that of picking out the wedding date. The bride and the groom should take this decision together. They need to sit down together and try to find a date for the wedding that is suitable for both of them. The bride should consult with her family on this matter as well and try to find out that her relatives are available at that date. The same goes for the groom too. Make sure that such a date is picked which is agreeable to both sets of families.    

•    Choosing the Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is where the couple will get married. Its selection is an important aspect of the perfect wedding plan. There are a number of excellent wedding venues in London which makes this a tricky decision for the bride and the groom. Again, the need of consensus is paramount here. You have to consider the opinion of a number of people on this. If no one is able to come to the wedding venue then it won’t be such a memorable event? However, the ultimate decision should be yours. Make sure that you choose that venue which appeals to you the most. 

•    Enlisting the Help of Family and Friends

No amount of wedding planning is going to make it a success if you don’t have people offering as volunteers to carry out the tasks that are outlined in the wedding plan. When Getting Married, it is extremely important that the couple enlists the help of their family and friends. They can prove to be the ideal volunteers. With their help and support, you can easily complete the tasks that have been planned out for the wedding. So, it is a good idea to ask them in advance. Make sure that they are free during the lead up to the wedding and can perform their tasks in a timely manner.  

•    Making the Bookings

Selecting the venue, photographer, musician, videographer and decor companies etc is one aspect of the wedding planning. You have to book them in advance as well in order to ensure that they will be available at the time of the wedding. Make sure that the bookings are made in a timely manner as there is a chance that these people have some other assignments to work on and don’t have the time to devote to your event. So, it is a good idea to have them booked as soon as possible.


Advice on Getting Married

Aside from the planning of the event, couples who are willing to get married should seek some advice from a credible source. There are some legal requirements that both the bride and groom have to fulfil before they get hitched. Visit Citizens Advice to get all the legal information and advice you need about getting married.

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